Small Chop

Well, Well,   I went and did it!  Had my 2001 Shadow Aero 1100 for about 7 years, and as mentioned she was a 2001, - it became time for a new bike.

Well the adventure started last year when I really wanted a Trike.  I like the Honda VTX1300 Trikes.  So... last year, wasn't the right timing, so I looked around for another used bike, couldn't settle on anything.... pondered and searched high and low, but nothing quite fit. So I made adjustments to my bike and it felt like a new (ish) bike so I settled in for another season... save the trike for next season.  Well that was this season.  Come to find out ---I was actually almost ready to purchase one from Delaware, and it hit me: We hadn't thought out the plan thoroughly of how this baby was going to fit a) into the garage and b) up and down the driveway past the vehicles!  The sad realization hit that this (again) would not be the best time for a trike!  YIKES!...

THEN my bike had to be put up because the stator needed replacing. I lost a bunch of the season (albeit the Hot steamy part) and set off to look again for a new bike.  searched Harley's, Kawi's, Yamaha, all looking for something unique, never found it.  All the while solidifying in my mind that I wanted to stay with HONDA. SO lo and behold was I interested when I came across this:

Honda Fury:

This is one beautiful Chopper.  I knew right then that this would be my bike.  It had everything I was looking for; not one thing was missing.

It's a 1312 v-Twin, runs 6 ft from axle to axle.

Shopped around found this GORGEOUS color, and rode her home.  I can't tell you how pleased I am with this bike - it is so awesome! not only is it a great looker, it rides so nice, love the open-sleek ness of it.  Great feel.  this is a whole different experience than my last bike, (look, feel, ride) I am so pleased.

As of this post I don't even have 300 miles on it, still breaking in the engine.

I am usually not able to (nor wanted to) ride when it's cold out which is below 50F, but I have ordered some heated gear, so I can "extend my riding season" well into fall and early winter. for those Awesome days when it's 40-50 in the morning but a gorgeous 65-70 in the afternoon bright sun crisp fall air.  I used to feel shorted, because I couldn't ride in in the mornings to work... this will be different with the gear.  (hubby is thrilled to see me order the gear - he rides all winter even down into the 20's - i won't go THAT low!)

Here are a few other pix...

Keep the rubber on the road and the shiny side up!




  1. You're just going to have to sew a whole new biker wardrobe to match that cobalt blue!

    1. Hey Ruth - Nice of you to stop by :-) Ahh yes! Sew a new wardrobe that will be fun! Gonna have to go *oh no!* fabric shopping! ;-)

  2. Cool bike!