SWAP Butterfly Goth Top

2nd Piece in my Ruffle Collection
This top is a Vogue 7733 view C:
I loved it and bought it near when I first got my machine in 2011. It's been in my drawer ever since.  Have you ever been addicted to patterns?  I am for sure.  but it's a binge addiction, i go in spurts... LOL...
So I began my adventure, there were many pieces to this pattern, so I started one day cutting the pieces, to get ready for cutting the fabric...
All cut, but they are still from out of the envelope, so need to iron them...

Now that's much better....
Now I purchased a fabulous new toy, a roll cutter and cutting board.  I must say at first I was thrilled with the roll cutter, however, I may need a learning curve because it doesn't always cut through the fabrics, it leaves like a few threads attached.  Anyway, I ended up back with my scissors eventually.  I do, however, like the cutting board as opposed to the bare carpeted floor.

I was cutting out the pattern for two blouses. This is the second blouse's contrast pieces.

The roll cutter totally did not cut through the velvet x2.  Oh Well.
All cut... Starting the bodice...

I totally veered off of the directions for getting this bodice done, the front closure, but it came out exactly how I wanted it...

Now here's something I didn't catch - the pattern calls for a  open belly. Like curtains, well that ain't for me!  So I had to figure out what to do to close the gap.  What else can I do, but add a panel.  I had enough scrap, to do this, boy was I fortunate... I even had enough that I could decide where on the fabric design I wanted to cut the panel piece.  I couldn't just cut a strip, I had to cut a triangle that would fit into the open space.  Did the measuring, and drafted a pattern piece.

You can't even tell the piece was added...

Then went to work on the sleeves. To say this is a bell sleeve seems like an understatement.... But I got to do my ruffles...

Now sleeves attached, but the shoulders keep dropping.  Hmmmm well they said in the pattern that it was supposed to be fitted and this top was a little loose.  So as soon as I took it in, the shoulders don't drop any longer

I totally do not know how to photograph the top to show the body and the sleeves

I'm wearing this with my SWAP Denim skirt...

All done!



  1. jdol I appreciate your creativity and advice both here and at artisan square!!

  2. I absolutely love that top, especially the sleeves. I'd buy that pattern just for the sleeves. The fabric is great, too. What occasion is this for????

    1. Hey Carole - Thank you! - No occasion - just loved it, and will wear it as a work blouse/top

  3. Excellent recovery plan to keep your modesty! Great top.

    1. Ruth! Thanks for the comment, and compliment :-)

  4. Love the top. Great job getting the shoulders to stop drooping.