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Sew Terrific~!

This skirt was my first ever serious project that I did after buying my sewing machine.  It is from a pattern.  I was all excited at picking out the material I remember it like yesterday, I had only the most basic idea of what I was doing, but I was determined to make this skirt.  I had originally planned to make a matching vest, but never got to that. This skirt has a zipper and everything!  I experimented with one of the fancy stitches from my machine along the hem trim.  I was so thrilled that this project worked out, I would have lost a lot of hope if it turned out to be a train wreck!  I proudly wore (and still wear) this skirt to work on many occasions and no one knew it was homemade!

This is a tiered ruffle skirt and a matching tank top, coordinated with a patch of the skirt material sewn into the neckline of the tank.  I want to make the same outfit in a cotton batik material that I paid $12.99/yd for but I had fallen in love with it when I saw it, and silly me, when I looked at the bolt end it had an orange sitcker that said 7.90, so I thought it was on red letter clearance for 7.90/yd.  I didn't realize the $12.99 charge until I looked at my receipt when I got home.  When I was back at the store a few days later, (Don't I live there!?!), I found the bolt again and brought it to the cutting counter and asked the sales associate if the price was 7.90 and she told me "No,,, the 7.90 was the amount of fabric on the bolt when they got it in.!"  Well learn as you go!. Don't let the orange stickers fool you... the clearance are maked in RED... i.e. "Red Tag" clearance.  LOL  Seems silly when I think about it - that I missed that... I wouln't have bought it at the $12.99 for sure... But I will be proud of the outfit when its done, because the material is gorgeous and a perfect hand for this outfit.

Here's one item that when I was done I coudn't believe my eyes!  It so totally didn't look homemade!  My husband had been looking for a few years for a White Demin vest, and never could find one.  Everytime he came close, when it arrived it was off white or something. He tried so many searches, so after he saw me progressing in my endeavors, he said "You could make me one."  He found the material he wanted, and I used a Kwik Sew Men's Jean Jacket Pattern, but used cutoff sleeves instead of putting in the sleeves of the jacket.  I even included the inside pockets that the guys love for stuff.  so it's got the two chest pockets, two hand pockets, and two inside pockets.  I embroidered the SD his intitals, and then he installed the patches on the front and back.  I even included a made by label...  This vest just got packed away for the winter with the rest of the summer whites... will be back out next spring/summer...

Every project I've been sewing over the past year seems to have been giving me each new skills setting me up for projects that come down the road...  So suffice it to say how much I've learned by doing... I started out by reading a lot and picked up many useful tips - learning alot of sewing basics to build on even before I got my machine.  The research gave me a great foundation to build skills on.  Now if I could just get better at learning my materials!  That will come in time...
This craft was born out of a suggestion from my one and only hunny...  I don't remember all of the details, but he suggested one day that I might pick up sewing - he thought I'd be good at it, and would have some fun.  So upon looking into it, I realized right off the bat that sewing alone wasn't going to work for me - I had to have the embroidery, too, so I had to invest the $$$.  Picked up the machine 2nd hand off EBay, and it was in exellent condition - wouln't even know it was an older model.  (not a newbie like me anyway).  I was blessed to get this machine.  The investment has brought countless hours of joy, and I'm looking forward to all the things I have yet to learn and explore.... Thanks Hunny!!!

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