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Here's another collection of my Embroidery

Gotta love M&M Characters! This one is a chef, so it made it's way onto a personalized T-Shirt I made for myself...

Hubby wanted a patriotic embroidery design for a denim shirt for Memorial Day this year for riding on his bike.  thought this eagle head was very unusual and worthy of a denim shirt!
My husband's heritage is the Garifuna people.  It is a tribe born of native american and african peoples.  the Garifuna emerged out of the joining of West African's, Caribs and Arawaks, back in the 1300's.  In the late 1700's the Garifuna lost a war and settled off the coast of Honduras, while some disbersed and settled in Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Belize.   There is an estimated 600,000 poplulation today, some of which are in the United States, in NY, LA, and Miami.  (NY has the largest pop of the US)  So, I embroidered a design for him on a denim vest.  :-)  Close up of the embroidery below. 

Cannot get away from the motorycle designs! His latest bike is a HONDA VTX1300R. In the inner circles it's VTX's are referred to as "VTXtreme"

Gotta have a motorycle design for myself!!!!  My bike is  HONDA Shadow Aero 1100.

Don't forget about my JEEP!!!!! This orginal design was small, but I enlarged it on my embroidery software and then the text was added with the software also.

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