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Purple Overalls!

Here is a pair of overalls I made early on in my adventures...it was where I learned how to install a top pocket (front and two rear) and double top stitch.  I also learned about pattern sizing.  I used a size medium pattern, and these were too big.  I wore them once, because I just had to wear what I made, and then put them away.  Now that I've got some more stitches under my belt, I'm going to alter them to fit me.  I made a temporary adjustment just so I could wear them now.  Used a real beautiful deep purple crushed velvet corduroy material for this, the beauty of the color doesn't come through in the photos...

The thing I think I liked most about making these is that I was able to make the length of the pant legs fit me the way I like.  Whenever I've purchased overalls the legs are always too short.  These were fun to make and are made from Kwik Sew Pattern #K3897 Found Here.  I have, in my stash, Red Corduroy material to make another pair of these.  I bought it way back when, and would like to get around to making them!  It's October - Fall weather and they would be great for going into winter.  I do remember they took about a week. That was probably due to learning curve, too, but a lot of the time is on the detailed double top-stitching.  It'll be nice to get the new pair done.  Sew many projects - sew little time! and then when I get a chunk of time, sometimes I get worn out! The chores go out the door - no food shopping, straightening the house, cooking... I'll sew like a mad woman all weekend! Now it's tough because it's football season, and Sundays are taken, but I get stuff done a little at a time.... More later gotta get the Chicken out of the oven!

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