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I joined Artisan's Square Sewing Forum....

So... Hubby thought I might enjoy a sewing circle or something like that, so I looked around for a forum, and came across Stitcher's Guild Sewing Forum at Artisan Square.  I'm excited about the threads there, and am still exploring around the forum...  Anyway they have (I dont' know if others do, too but...) a thing called SWAP  Start With A Plan.. sewing contest.  So I was reading up on that thread, and it appears that they pick a theme to sew by like color blocking pieces, or, well, i forget the others at the moment, but themes anyway, and they have a time frame to sew 12 pieces of clothing to the theme.  The thread this time was leaning towards "keeping it simple" patterns for this years' event.  So I thought it would be fun, but 12 pieces! anyway I read on to the forum and found a 6PAC thread that just started.  Turns out a 6PAC started one Autumn, and was named 6 Pieces Autumn Collection. and they challenged to sew 6 pieces in 2 months.  It caught on and now they do one 6PAC for each season.  I'm joining the winter one, and have already named my challenge list of 6 pieces:

4 - Turtlenecks - Because I am in DESPERATE need and I'm unable to find any I like, plus the two I own the sleeves are not long the way I would like them to be, and I only have light pink and black.  I was going to sew cuffs onto them anyway, to make them longer and more enjoyable to wear, but that doesn't mean I don't need more in my collection...  I am sewing
     1-Burgundy in Ponte Roma knit - got fabric today
     1-Off-white in Ponte Roma knit - got fabric today
     1-Fashion reds/purples/knit - got fabric today
     1-Purple fashion knit - still have to find
The pattern is on it's way - got it on Etsy.

1 - Jumper/Dress - In Black corduroy - the receipt called it Caviar corduroy.  It is a wide striping cord.  I am making this out of two patterns joined together - my favorite short flare skirt, and the top of my overalls, so combined they will be a jumper.  I have both TNT (Tried and True) patterns.  Got the fabric today:

1 - Pantsuit in a purple poly knit. This fabric and pattern I've had from when I first started sewing, but never took on.  This challenge will give me the boost to get it going and finished.

If I need an alternate (if I end up with a train wreck) I will make the Red corduroy overalls that have been sitting in my stash for a year also. (from my TNT pattern)

Well I posted my list this afternoon on the forum, and so begins my adventure.  I have until Jan 31st to complete my mission.  In between work and Sunday football (which includes game food prep and such) I think I can make good headway.  Plus I'm going to take some time off from work next month and December, too!

Here is the Black Cord Fabric:
Here are the other 3 fabrics:

I'll post ongoing results... stay tuned!

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