Sunday Sewing Mojo - SWAP/6PAC/FUN

3 Pieces all done by Noon today!

# 1

Today is Sunday.  Last night I cut out 4 projects so I'd be ready to sew when I got back into the mood... I just got back from a business conference that wiped me out, so I wasn't thinking that I would be sewing this weekend... HA!

So, I did my 5th piece of my 6PAC first - my 3rd Turtleneck.  I did it in Ponte Roma knit.  First time with that material and it sure was different to work with... the pins didn't really want to go through it and the needle seemed to 'slap' it every time it stitched.... I like the sturdiness and weight of the fabric, but I'm not crazy about the limited stretch.  I'm pretty pleased with the top,. though, even though if I realized the limited stretch, I would have cut it bigger.  But I got my nice long sleeves, and this will be a good layering piece.  Last piece to do is the cream ponte turtleneck. and my 6PAC will be finished.  Here is the Red Ponte:


# 2

The second I made a FUN piece! - Gingerbread Fleece Lounge Pants... Oh so soft and comfy.... and christmassy..... I have some matching cream t-shirt fabric that I want to make a long sleeve T to wear with these pants, but I need a pattern for it.


# 3

Then I made my SWAP Poncho! what fun that was!  I made a separate post on it right underneath this one...  feathers and all!

Now I'm watching the Redskins game because my team (Baltimore Ravens) isn't playing until 8:20 pm tonight.  I won't see that live 'cause I'll be asleep! Have to watch the recording tomorrow after work~...

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