SWAP 2013 Poncho

Pre-Make for the SWAP 2013

Well My Mojo was crankin' today and I had to make my Poncho!   I actually made 3 garments this morning - 1 for my 6PAC, 1 for fun, and this one for my SWAP!

I was real excited to sew this one because I originally was going to use a fur lining along the front and hood and attach it via buttons or snaps so that I could remove it come spring time, since this piece is my bridge piece, and my two capsules are each spring and fall/winter. However, upon searching tirelessly for the fur that I had in my mind, I came across some feathers on a website, and thought "Hey!" that would be a great idea and would fit both capsules.... so i re-directed my search for feathers and found these beautiful ones (from: The Decorating Studio) that I thought were a nice and warm color - Auburn. Would go well with my cream wool fabric. (ordered from: Fashion Fabrics Club (plus I love Auburn - I used to have Auburn hair growing up... still can see it from time to time). Cut this fabric and pattern last night along with others, so I had stuff lined up just in case I was in the mood to sew today... For this I used pattern McCall's 3448 view C. (top Middle)

The reason I chose a Poncho/Cape as my bridge piece for the SWAP is because I have a "goth" top that has flaring flounce sleeves that will not be able to be put into the sleeves of a jacket, so the poncho/cape will work over that top.  I am doing two of those; one for each capsule.

I used a double lining of feathers along the front panels, meaning two layers back to back, so there would be some body to them along the front, and just one layer along the hood, because it didn't need the body there.  I didn't really take pictures along the way, so I am posting a montage of three pix taken at the end of the project...  I think the feathers really add the special look I wanted for this piece.


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