April Birthday Celebration


Okay, this is a follow-up to my post: Movie Star for a Month.  This month it was My Birthday, too.  at the time of the previous post, I didn't  have the cake yet, so here is the Magnificent cake from Brittany....

I had been so busy that it was the day before the party and I realized I didn't have a party dress... Oh My... So I had already purchased this great fabric a linen blend $3/yd on the JA 50% off clearance days, and of course washed and ready to go, as is all my fabric when I get it home... I like to be ready... I had a dress pattern picked out that I wanted to make with it, so I set out to go for it. No pix as I went, so all I have is a done picture the following day in my office.  McCall's M6115 pattern.

So, i am including some photos from the party. I embroider tags with Happy Birthday and their name on it and put it on the beanie birthday bears.

Here's the set up before the pot-luck lunch food comes...  I try to make it festive, but we don't over power the room, just this little section.  It is Pot-Luck, and we put more dollars into the food than into decorating the WHOLE kitchen :-)

The teams have to rotate in since part of the team is a call center, and need to cover the phones....

Then we had the return of the Angry Birds Toss Game that I created - Post here.  It made it's debut at our holiday party in 2012. One of my colleagues calls me the CFO: Chief Fun-times Officer.... LOL...

Here are the two celebrants Marlene and Tom Playing...  The door that is there is the door to my office :-)

That concludes this post.  LOL

Oh Yea... Happy Birthday to Me!



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