The beginnings of a Blog...

Welcome To My Blog...

I'm starting my first ever Blog on the advice of my co-worker.  This blog will house my sewing creations and who knows -- might take on a life of it's own with any of my other graphic art creations.  I'm always so excited to show the gals at the office and the fabric store what I've been sewing/creating that the suggestion of a blog sounded fun for me to compile and share my photos of the creations I've been making... I've some catching up to do, there's been some fun things over the past year 1/2 that I've owned my machine...
I have a Janome MemoryCraft 10000, which is a sewing and embroidery machine.  The embroidery is so much fun!  I get most all of my embroidery designs from Embroidery Library - you can browse their huge catalog here. 
Anyway, let the blog begin!  Here is my feature:  "Ray-Ray".  He is from a tute (tutorial) "Joyful Bear" from a Chilean designer named Joy.  Found Here:  JoyFul Bear Tute

This Cutie took about 4 days, and was my first attempt at a teddy bear.  The tute was great, and I had loved the design she had which was what made me try it.  It was a great way to use up some Ravens material I had left, and just in time for the season opener!
Well we're on our way to blogging... Ray-Ray is my Mascot!

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