Christmas/New Year's Dressy Sew-Along

Another Piece from a Forum Thread...

Well the gals at the forum started another Sew-Along for Christmas/New Years "Dressy" sew-a-long.  I am going to take part in this one also, aside form my 6PAC because I need a dress for my office holiday celebration in December.  I always do something special for everyone for the party, just so everyone has a gift to open...I've already begun thinking of what this year's plan will be.  I can't put it on my blog because some of my colleagues in the office read the blog and the surprise will be out...But I've got some ideas brewing...:-)  

So the sew along developed the other week, and I've found my fabric and a pattern that I want to sew.  The Fabric is a gorgeous Red Velvet knit, and it's got gold snowflakes on it - I figured very festive...

The red color is very rich and the velvet is beautiful  I chose the two patterns below, I am leaning towards the New Look 6802, view D with View A sleeves.  I like the twist on the front - I've never attempted anything like that before, it looks like it would be flattering,  I do like the cap sleeves on the View C, but would like long sleeves on this dress I think.  I'm not big on short sleeves - especially in the office - whether it's summer or winter the office is always chilly.

Well I have 2 pieces of my 6PAC done - I think I started before the starting gun went off, but I don't think they will ban me - this one wasn't a contest, this was just s sew along, so I think it's a little more lenient, plus it was my first one, so I'm not even sure if I was early or not?  Not to worry... Have to do my jumper and 3 more turtlenecks.  Still missing the 4th material. Here is a place for mega gorgeous fabric - hey that's even its name - "Gorgeous Fabrics" I saw some real interesting knits on there the other day. 
Well I will keep adding to this post when I start the Dress.  Right now I'm hunkering down for Hurricane Sandy.  Hoping we won't lose power for too long, since it seems inevitable that we will lose it for some period of time.  Going to the Library to pick up my books so I have something to read when out of power...  I put some Grisham's on hold.


November 9th

Well SuperStorm Sandy really hit NY and NJ, but we didn't get much at all. Only lost power for a short period of time maybe 2 hours or so.  We were blessed.
Well I started cutting out my pieces today, I would like to start my dress this weekend.  I have planned a lot for my office party and so I'm in the mood.  I made a game for them to play I really think it is going to be a hit. It is a craft sewn project.  I've played it to make sure it works and I've had fun....then I shopped for some decor and stuff like paper plates, cups, that kind of stuff.  The gifts I'm doing up for them all the pieces are due to arrive tomorrow, I designed the graphic for them, and then I'm personalizing them with their names embroidered.  Can't tell you yet, just in case a colleague reads this blog before the party! That's why I didn't describe the game either!... 
So cut the pattern and then all the fabric.  This fabric being a nice velvet, has nap, so I made sure I cut it all so the nap was "brushing" downward.  I still do not know all of the technical terms; I will pick those up as I go along....I am going to do the puffy capped sleeves, but then make them long sleeves, but not like the sleeves in view A, I don't like those.  These sleeves will be form fitting to my arms, and real long, the way I like them.  Well I will be ready to start sewing in the morning.

November 10th

Well, had fun putting this together this morning.  Went together without a hitch.  I tell you though, there were parts that i needed to draw on past skills to understand the directions... Also I made the sleeves long like i wanted - I gave them a cap at the top which I'd never done before, but now that I know I'll be using that technique again!...  I'm getting more comfortable deviating from patterns and putting together pieces that I want, to make the item that I want to end up with.  So, I made the bodice twisty piece, which was neat - i like that technique, too.
Then I sewed up the sides....
All together... It looks OK hanging on a hanger, but the sleeve caps get lost, so i better get dressed and model it....
And of course my sleeves are nice and lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-ong...
So I took this pattern and made this dress with the sleeves... It's only a coincidence that they are both red  :-)
Here is a close up of the twisty part...  I like the style, I think I'll be calling upon that again in the future...  The pictures don't show how sparkly the fabric is, the gold snowflakes are glitter and the sun sparkles off of them... real pretty.
All Done!!!!

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