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Saturday Morning...

Well, DH projects are backing up so I had to get some out the door :-)... I have another pair of leather pants to alter for him, although I've been intimidated because the last ones didn't last perfectly.  I would like to get a larger eye needle so I can use my stronger thread that I have. ("gotta go to JoAnn's")  :D HaHa!...  So that's been on my rack for a few weeks, contemplating what to do.... ( I just thought of the needle solution this morning as I wrote this.)  You see I'm still a novice and figuring out the billions of details that go into sewing by machine...
I also have a dress shirt monogramming project from, oh, way back when, it is now on the rack, but it is from so long ago I have to re-ask what I am supposed to be doing with it... something on the cuffs.... it was so long ago, that I was nervous to do it, not really knowing how.  Now I know how and am confident, just need to know the what... :D...  Then there are two pairs of jeans that I was going to let the waist out a little - those need to be found and put back in the queue.
So that leads me to Saturday morning...There was a jean jacket that the sleeves needed shortening, that was a bit tricky for some reason, but we worked it out by fitting the sleeves while the jacket was on him.... For some reason it wasn't a straight "take it up by 2 inches all around" type refit... the front was only being taken up around 1 1/2 and the back about 2 1/2 - like that.  It was interesting.  but it came out with the nod of approval from DH, so we were happy.
Then there were a bunch of patches that he had ironed on, but that needed to be tacked down on two jean jackets, so we got all those done for him.
The Ravens Jacket:
And the Patriotic Jacket:  (You should see this patch in person - it is beautiful, and takes up the whole back of the jacket)
So we had started out the morning that way, then went on to work on my painted denim halter which will be in another post when I am done....

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