Piece 2 - 'Striped' Turtleneck

My 6PAC 2nd Piece - Turtleneck # 1

Well, the thought of the jumper was daunting this morning and I wasn't sure how to go about it yet, so I figured I'd try one of these turtlenecks.  I'm going to try the red/purple stripe knit.  Kwik Sew #2900.  This is my first stripe piece, so I'll take care.  I'm going to do size Small again because it seems Kwik Sew fits me in pattern S.

Well the fabric was already washed - I do it right away when I get them home, so I'm ready...

I laid out the fabric in a way that when I cut the front and back panels the idea was that when they join, they will match and make a continual line around the top.  I think this will work out.

Got my pieces cut and also cut some cuffs for my sleeves, because I like cuffed sleeves, and I also like l-o-n-g sleeves, so by cutting the sleeves the length that the pattern is and adding the cuffs, I figure I should be good.

Well this pattern I am getting to learn how to use Overlock stitch - it's my first time.  It's a really kewl stitch - I like it.  I guess it's like what a serger would do, I mean it's a beautiful clean finished off seam - I can totally see why people love serging.  I installed the front to back panel and put in the collar.  The collar was a little tricky since you are stretching it, and the knit is curling, and you have 3 pieces to capture into the overlock stitch... I came through it okay.

Here is a closeup of the overlock stitch - real nice, right?

The collar fits perfect size.... there is a slight pucker on one side of the shoulder, I will ask the forum what that is from so I can avoid it in my next top. I am pleased, however, so far that this is coming out nicely. Next is the assembly of the arms, then the cuffs, then the bottom hem, and I'll have my first ever turtleneck!  I am sewing 4 total, part of my 6PAC, because I desperately needed turtlenecks, and couldn't find any in the store that I liked, not to mention, that no turtleneck I've ever purchased have I been satisfied with. The sleeves were always too short, or too loose, and the top never fitted nice...  Now I can select the fabric choice and make the shirt to my liking - is there any better way to go??  See my example below...

The black gym pants are *not* being pulled up that is where they fall on me.   hhhrrrmmmppphh!  See the lounge pants I made from football fleece? now that's what I'm talkin' about!  Mind you I am 5 foot 6 1/2, so It's not like I'm super tall or anything, that these normal items should be short, I just like long things I guess...  I think I am considered average height and build.
Anyway, the overlock stitch is good for knits because it allows the fabric to stretch after it's sewn, otherwise, you'll need to stretch the fabric as you sew.
More after I get the arms in and finish her off... Right now I'm going to surf for a while and watch movie with DH...

OK....  Done!

Notice my nice l-o-n-g sleeves :-)  This turtleneck will go perfect with my black jumper that I'm making.  I received the 4 swatches from fabric.com that I was going to make a selection out of for my 4th turtleneck, but I wasn't convinced about about any of them.  However i found some fabric TDF on another site... $$$ but gorgeous and right up my alley. Might have to splurge. gotta have some TDF pieces - even if the pieces are basic the fabric can be exquisite!  Now I've convinced myself....
Well I'm pleased with my new turtleneck! can't believe it's taken me so long to make one!  I owe it to my new sewing circle - the Stitcher's Guild (Artisan's Square) they have given me inspiration.
I was chatting it up with Liz the other day from my office, and she could tell how excited I always am talking about my sewing adventures.  She great to chat with.  I was wearing my new jumpsuit and when I stood up and said "so what do you think???" she gasped and said "No! - you didnt' make that!"  :-)  She said she would love to sew outfits for her little ones, but she can barely even get time to herself to work out in the exercise room!  It must be real fun making little one's clothes. 
Well that's it for now....
2 down, 4 to go!

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