SWAP 2013

My very first SWAP...

A SWAP - Sewing With A Plan.... It is a contest they run on the forum I belong to Stitcher's Guild (Artisan's Square) The have one every year. It is a contest where you sew a certain amount of garments (I think it's usually 11) within a period of time.  This year it starts Dec 26th.  The rules are out already, this year it will be sewing 2 capsules either 5+5+1 or 4+4+1 (or combo of those two).  Within that grouping the pieces are set, meaning the 4+4 is 2 tops, 1 bottom and 1 dress, and the 5+5 is 3 tops and two bottoms. then the +1 is a garment that ties to both groups.  (many people do a jacket for this piece)  I am in the planning stage, so here is my first draft...

I still don't know what fabrics yet, but there's more to plan....

So, it's a few days later and I've changed up because I kept looking at the poster and a few pieces I just almost knew I wouldn't wear, and I want to wear everything I make...You know I really want the pieces to be enjoyable - there's no purpose for me just to sew pieces to make a quota or something :-) So, i threw out that dress that was going to take almost 7 yards of fabric, and while nice, I didn't think I would get enough wear form it.. whatever the reason, it just didn't work for me, and I went on to look for a replacement pattern... I ended up getting nowhere fast, and came up with the idea that i didn't have to have a pattern after all! I could make my own design!!!!!  So that's what I am doing! My own dress, my first design.  It will have a silky solid-color shell and a patterned sheer overlay, with a dropped waist, and asymmetrical hemline, lined with ruffles.
There's so much to do still - colors? and shopping for fabrics?  I think I will make the other side also 1 dress, two tops and 1 bottom.  I still want to make the knickerbockers, and the cuff top, We are allowed to have one pre-sewn item, so i think i will enter my jumper.


Well I went shopping today for fabrics for this SWAP, what fun!!! there is nothing better than shopping for fabrics!  It's great to have such a blank canvas - I hadn't had any ideas yet of my colors.  It was still open... So i was going shopping with a blank canvas - which can be real tough when there's so many choices... I have to find the one fabric that i absolutely fall in love with to be my centerpiece and then work the colors from there...  This go 'round it turned out to be my self designed dress.  I found a sheer that was so gorgeous - a must have - and so i am building from there. After the first decision was made, some more fell into place and I had my next piece.  Didn't find anything for my Winter capsule at that store, but stopped at the other one on my way home and it worked out - found a fab flannel I loved for my cuff shirt, then the sweater knit, and black denim, so there you have it - grays, blacks, splashed with red would be my winter capsule.
So my plan has evolved and here's my 2nd Draft!
My bridging piece will be the poncho mainly because with the ruffle top (2nd one from the top) I wouldn't want to be wearing a jacket with sleeves, so the poncho would keep the sleeves fresh.  It will have removable fur along the front, for winter/spring conversion.
So I have all the fabrics for my winter capsule which i want to sew first anyway, so there you have it.  I am allowed to cut things out before the 26th, and I'm still not sure that i like the top on the lower left corner.. I might like it if I take the sleeves off.
I bought muslin material so i can make my dress first to make sure I have it right before I cut into the real fabric.  ( I learned about "doing a muslin" from the forum.)
More to come...

November 12th

Ha!  I just found out my Jumper dress is actually considered a 'pinafore' and therefore will be considered as a bottom, so i needed to reconstruct my winter capsule, to 2 bottoms, and 3 tops - perfect excuse to do another of my favorite tops! (the ruffle sleeve)  I will need to go pick out fabric for this top, not sure what I'd like yet... need to stay with the grays/blacks/red theme... anyway i re-did my poster - Version #3 :-)...
Also, I redesigned my dress, and am going to do this design instead.  I like it better.
I hope to stick with this plan... just need to pick out more fabric... I plan on making a muslin of my dress before Dec 26th, just to make sure I have it basically as a good design.  Like I'm not sure if I will need a zipper or not - if so, it will be on the side...

November 30th

Okay, Here we go - more changes!  I think I am closer, I will have to make final decisions soon!  My latest Poster:

I do really like the Motorcycle capsule idea with the custom embroidery... Here is the 1st draft of the design for the back of the jacket:
It will be Tone on Tone.  I ordered the faux leather and the wine denim, I hope the leather is not too thin.  The description indicated "soft leather" so i hope that doesn't mean paper thin.  I hope it has some weight to it.  If not, then I'll have to go with the other one I saw.  But it was more upholstery weight.  Nice color though.  This one said it would be good for jackets... Anyway I'd like to make two suits (Jacket and Pants) and a matching cap.  I am going to do a muslin of each piece over the next couple weeks, starting today if I can.  I am doing Burda "Larissa" #6032 jacket and Burda "Bella" 6011 Pants. Then the cap is from a tutorial Eddie Cap Tutorial from Website: All Free Sewing.
I haven't tried any of these patterns yet, so I want to make sure they will all turn out before I make the final drafts.  however, for me, doing mock ups isn't as appealing as diving right in and making the garment. But logically it makes sense because then I can tweak it of course, and figure out any potential mistakes all before working on the fashion fabric... but it's just not appealing to me; it just seams like a lot of potential extra work.  it seems like something you would do if you were designing something on your own, but if you have a pattern, I'm not sure about it.  I do, but I don't.  I'm torn in other words.  I guess that's why I haven't started them yet.  I am more of a "just go for it" kind of gal....  Well I'll kepp you posted on whether I change my plan again or if I do any muslins....
Pieces of my Motorcycle Suit:



Here is the Latest and Greatest update.  I had to do a little shuffling to keep within the contest rules...  Also, 3 of my pieces are done so far and I put those pictures in my current poster...

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  1. I've had fun looking through your blog. You have done some great outfits. Good luck with the SWAP.