Piece 4 - Fuzzy Turtleneck

4th Piece of my 6PAC~

My 2nd Turtleneck - a real Warmer!

Well, I have joined the SWAP (Sewing With A Plan) sew-along on the forum, so I went shopping for some fabric at JoAnn's yesterday to look at fabrics.  I went to the one 1/2 hour away because someone told me it was bigger and had a larger selection... I had the day off, so sounded like the perfect time.  It's true - there were a lot of fabrics there.  So, I came across this awesome red fuzzy fleece, (silky fuzzies) and immediately fell in love with it and knew I had to make one of my turtlenecks out of it.  I am attending a work event next week like a seminar, and the banquet rooms are always freezing - now I won't be cold on at least one of the days!

So I set out to cut the fabric this morning - and remember the fabric is a "fuzzy" fabric, so after I cut the fabric, my husband just came in a laughed when he saw this:

(Yes, that is a floor full of fuzzie's!)
So anyway, I got to sewing up the shirt, and it went along nicely, I cut the collar taller than the first one, and I also cut the sleeve major long like I like because i didn't think i would make cuffs for this, just let the sleeves fall. 
 I also think I came up with a tip for sewing with the overlock stitch - to keep the bottom fabric piece slightly protruding out under the the top piece - I did it that way and the stitch came out magnificently, and there were no misses.  For all I know, that is the way you're supposed to do it anyway!
Well I'm pleased with how the top came out.  Here it is... and it's soooo cozy!
4 pieces of my 6PAC are done.  The last two are turtlenecks also, a burgundy and creme both ponte knits.

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