Hobo Fat Quarter Bag

Love this Bag!

Well as if making a set of Ravens Winter Accessories last night wasn't enough, I sewed up this Hobo Fat Quarter Bag as well.  My Inspiration was: This Tutorial.  I printed it out, and read it, went to JA picked up 6 Fat Quarters, and put them aside to start later.

So I started and putting 3 fat Quarters together across was 63 inches and looked HUGE so I began to deviate from anything that any pattern said and my bag took on a life of it's own.  Since I kept going with no idea what was coming next really, I didn't end up taking pictures, although I wish I had - it would have been fun to watch how this developed.  Anyway, I kept the basic idea of the bag, but I made this without looking at any directions...Which I'm proud of.  The bag is BIG... can fit a lot into it... but the stuff better be light! I love the look of it tho.

The Pieces....

Side One

Side Two...

Close up of the "Handle Channels" There are 3 on each side of the back.  There is elastic sewn in the top of the center panel.

A shot to help show proportion...

The other side

Just "Plopped" on the floor

I think this will be a fun bag!


  1. There's just no stopping you Jo Lynn! So I'm nominating you for a Lovely Blog/Inspiring Blog Award! Go over to my blog to collect and show off. You've earned it.

    1. Ruth - You are too Kind! Thanks a million for your votes of confidence! See you over on SG