Sewing Room Mini Make-Over

My New Sewing Room

Well, I had enough of being scrunched in the corner with my treadmill eating up the space of my sewing room... it's been that way for almost 2 years now!... After all I got the treadmill first, and when I bought my MC10000, I only thought about available space, not Premier space... So merrily we sew along for a couple years, and clutter piles up... this is going to be embarrassing to show the before pictures - but I know you can all relate AND then you'll appreciate the after pictures!

So I decided I wanted my sewing to be the focal point of the room, and for it to be nice light and airy when I sewed.... this way also hubby doesn't think I am lost with only hearing a hum of the machine to know I exist somewhere in the back there....  Are you ready???

Here's before..... (Yikes)...

And I'm Proud to reveal my new sewing room.... 
Yes this is my Sewing / Video / Workout Room.. Triple header...  Some of the rooms I've seen on the forum are magnificent! but mine is mine and I love it... I have more ideas to make it "cuter" and will add those touches as I go, but for now, my make over is just perfect.  The Make-over took me 3 1/2 days to complete, including getting that clutter either carted off to GW or stored in the attic. Not bad! I installed the cork board panels on the wall the other day, and think it's the greatest thing.  Note to Self: Why not cut and glue some fat quarters on top of them to make a fun wall board... gee possiblities are endless!

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