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Faux Leather Hair Glove

A Hair Glove is a wrap for long hair when you are riding a motorcycle (or any other motor sport, too).  I have real long hair, so I have trouble finding long ones for my hair. the longest I usually find is 8 inches. that covers about 1/2-2/3 my hair.  Then try finding one that is "nice" and not plain or with flames or skulls on it.  So....Let's make our own.  Plus I wanted to make a matching one since I have the outfit I made now.  Here is the one I already have been using:

This is how much hair it covers:
Yup, about 1/2....  I don't really want only a tube going down my back, so I won't make it double the size, just maybe 25% longer - another 2 inches should be good.
It closes with snaps...

And has a hook to catch on a ponytail holder that is wrapped around the top of the ponytail.

This one is 8" my new matching one will be 10".
Then Mark where the snaps are going.. I think I did 7/8" apart, down the length of the glove.

Start the installation.  Rocky start - first time with these type snaps, but smooth sailing after the first one...

These went on with a hammer and a thread spool, and utilized a pencil eraser to push the fabric onto the claws of the snap pieces before hammering the base pieces onto them.

So, installing the catch I found a covered large hook and eye set, that the hook would be perfect for.

Sewed that in place - it needs to be a little off center to end up proper on the glove when closed and wrapped.
We are ready to go to JA's for embellishments... Beads of a sort to top this off... (it's a clever way to hide the sewing on of that catch) :-)

Three strands of shells, and one floral piece.  There were many choices in the brown section, but I like the look of these the best for my glove....

In action:
I can place the glove a little lower on my head by starting the ponytail a little lower on my neck. Then we'll cover even a little more hair, but I like the extra coverage I obtained with the extra 2 inches.  I will be making a wine denim one also to go with my denim motorcycle outfit.

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