Some Sewing Projects

These are a few of my Sewing Projects done, starting in 2011...

This is my "Last minute Blouse" & "Last Minute Skirt" both via Rostitchery.  The tutes can be found here.  I think I found my way to her tutes via AllFreeSewing.com.  When I wore it to the office, Liz said she really thought I bought it at the store!  Again my dress form really came in handy for this outfit!  And the material! got it for like $2.99/yd!!! It has body to it.  I'm still not well versed on all my materials and what they are called, so for lack of knowledge I have to describe this as a heavy-weighted rayon.  :-D  It has a real nice hand, but is prone to wrinkles....
This is my Ruffle Waist Skirt.  This was a tutorial by Robie Dodson of So Sew Something. This is her "So Let's Go Home" skirt, as she was leaving the hospital after having a baby.  This skirt was awesome for my summer wardrobe, as it doubled as a summer dress, and work skirt as shown here.  Beautiful tutorial! Here is a link to her Tutorials/Blog Page.  Thanks Robie -- you're fabulous!

Ahhh!  Some of my favorite pieces!!! (there is another one below).... My Onesies!!! they are fabulous to wear and I love lounging in them!  The pattern is a Kwik Sew #K2175,  found here and the fun thing is you can adjust the height if you are shorter or taller! Picking your fabric and complimentary colored zipper and cuff materials is so much fun!  Fleece comes in so-o-o-o-o-o-o many different patterns, I still don't know the difference between polar fleece and anti-pill fleece, I can only surmise that one is for real cold, and the other holds it's softness wash after wash.  I will find out someday!  The few people I've asked at JoAnn's weren't sure either.  I'll do a web search one day, or you could tell me!  This was the second onesie I made, the first one (below) i loved so much, I just wanted to be able to change off now and again!
Yes!  My other Onesie!!!!  This says Live-Laugh-Love-Peace on it...
This knit dress was made from a tute by Sophia Dengo.  The tute can be found here on Pinterest: 20 Minute Dress  Her's was a short length, and I still may shorten this one, but so far this one stands as it is.  It was the first dress I made after getting my dress form.  I made another dress from this tutorial, but it was real difficult to attach the waist elastic all around consistently, but with the dress form the pinning was easy and the waist came out perfect!  I got my dress form on Amazon.com  This is a Singer DF150 on Amazon and is adjustable.  I got size Medium, where some other forms I would need a size small, so check the measurements.
Here is my cute little clutch bag - embroidered with a guy now fondly referred to as "Syndey"... The embroidered message says"Save the Earth... it's the only planet with chocolate!"  That embroidery  design can be found here.  I will come back and list the pattern I used for the clutch.

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